Larry King Live 29th July 2008

An interesting episode of Larry King live featuring: Dr Paul Song, Dr Keith Black & Devra Davis.

They debate the damage cell phone radiation may cause over 20 or 30 years. Remember we’ve only had pulsing GSM phones for 10 years.

Personally, I’m not totally convinced they will give you cancer.

However, I am still totally convinced that, for maybe 1 in 100 people (that must be 400,000+ UK voters, Gordon), being to close to the main beam of a mast, or having DECT cordless phone & WiFi router in your home can cause you to feel fuzzy-minded, not quite yourself & maybe end up at your doctors office asking for anti-depressants ( Paxil / Seroxat / Valium…)

If that one in 100 people happens to be one of your kids, then you better expect them to be getting prescribed Ritalin or other similar concoctions… Remember Ritalin has a similar effect on the brain to slow-release Cocaine. Before you start pumping your kids full of needless medications: try two weeks of no WiFi & no Dect phone in your home – during the night. Just turn the WiFi Router & Dect phone base-staion off at the mains. Get them out in the fresh air, riding bicycles & having fun. Keep them away from all that electronic crap that now passes for a childhood. Buy them a trampoline and make them bounce for 30 minutes a day, even in the rain! That way they’ll sleep soundly without drugs.

If one thing makes me feel sad about our childrens’ potential future it’s that Orwell’s & Huxley’s novels are being treated like a blueprint for the One-World-Order future. If you put arseholes in charge of decision making you can expect nothing better! Encourage your kids to read books, maybe 1984 & Brave New World 😉

Just because computers do become capable of surveying everybody – always – it doesn’t mean they should!

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