Allergy to modern gadgets is ‘posing health risk to millions’

Taken from an article by Lisa Adams of the Scottish Daily Record about Electrosensitivity – published 08/09/2008 :

IT’S called an allergy to modern life and half of Scots in the next 10 years could be at risk from this crippling illness, according to scientific research.

Victims of the condition, which is triggered by electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, power lines, microwaves and computers, suffer headaches, crushing chest pains, nose bleeds and a loss of feeling in arms and legs.

Experts report that up to 1.5million people in the UK already have their lives blighted by electro-sensitivity, with symptoms that also include heart palpitations, tiredness, fainting, light sensitivity and skin problems.

Mike Bell, chairman of the Radiation Research Trust, said: “We are seeing a significant increase in enquiries from individuals suffering from these symptoms.

“We’re concerned that many people could be living with health-related electro-sensitivity symptoms without realising the cause.

“Doctors in the UK are not trained to recognise this condition. They could be misdiagnosing patients and treating them with drugs rather than investigating the cause.”

One victim has compared the condition with life as a human aerial – their body overreacting to electrical waves in the environment. Today, as a scientific conference opens in London, public health expert Dr Gerd Oberfeld will predict that if current trends continue, up to 50 per cent of people could suffer from electro sensitivity symptoms in the next 10 years.

The World Health Organisation is also backing research, stating that: “Electrical hypersensitivity is a real and sometimes disabling condition.”

Sufferers are particularly vulnerable to the £2.5billion police communication system Tetra – Terrestrial Trunked Radio – which has been introduced throughout the UK. In the past three years, more than 1000 masts have been erected in Scotland. They pulse at 17.6hertz – above the 16Hz frequency the Government’s Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones warns might affect brain activity.

Experts say radio waves at this frequency can cause calcium to leak from the brain, causing damage to the nervous and immune systems. If the masts are less than 15 metres high, they don’t need planning permission.

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Harlem Brundtland suffers from electro-sensitivity.

She said: “I felt a local warmth around my ear. But the agony got worse. It turned to discomfort and headaches every time I used a mobile phone.

“Some people develop sensitivity to electricity and radiation from equipment such as mobile phones or PCs.

“If this can lead to adverse health effects such as cancer or other diseases, we do not know yet. But I think we should follow the precautionary principle.”


Non-Lethal Weapons, just great!

An article in New Scientist on the 20th of September suggests that non-lethal weapons are gaining favour with super-states wanting to wage war peacefully! What a complete crock of shit.

Plastic Bullets, Tear Gas, Electroshock devices & Stinger Grenades…

The latest must-have item for any self respecting dictator (that’s you George) is the microwave gun being built by a US company that  creates ‘sounds’ inside a persons head! So for those of you who think i’ve been spouting complete shite for the last nine months … at last comes a little validation – that’s right, they’ve got a microwave gun that induces the same sensations as real schizophrenia (I wonder whether it uses Tetra, DECT or GSM –  HeHeHe…).

What do they intend to do with these safe weapons? Well if you’re wearing a Silver Bobinet head garment, or tin foil hat, not much, obviously! Could this be the first time in history that an opposing army appear for battle wrapped in Bacofoil? Let’s hope so.

Anyway, the conclusion of the article is that these non-lethal weapons actually escalate violence and are a bad idea. I say nuke the lot of them, after all this website is only opposed to pulsed non-ionising radiation.

Love & Peace…

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