Check your email account password hasn’t been compromised in a data breach

Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts, otherwise criminals might get access to your bank or Paypal account.

You can do a free check on your email address here

Use a password manager like Keepass to generate & keep track of secure individual passwords for your email accounts.

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Millions of Sim cards are vulnerable to hack attack says Karsten Nohl

Millions of feature phones are vulnerable to this new attack.

Looks like running a Osmocombb fake base station with a $10 Calypso phone should be sufficient to carry out the attack.

More here:

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Prism Break – Free yourself from the NSA. Really?

Lots in the news last week about how the NSA & GCHQ spy on us.

This won’t come as a great surprise to anyone who’s read The Puzzle Palace, or The Shadow Factory by James Bamford.

Even Peter Wright’s Spycatcher, from 1987, talks about his time in MI5 burgling and bugging his way around London.

The only thing that’s a real revelation here is that they’d now like to legitimise this activity. Presumably making it acceptable as evidence of your wrong-doing, where previously it would have been evidence obtained illegally.

Of course, being able to hoover everything up automatically from internet backbones is the massive difference between now, and ten to twenty years ago. There are US nuclear submarines with optic fibre cable splicing capabilities, and anything that passes through a satellite is fair game too.

It’s been alleged that, up to now the illegal spying on UK citizens has been carried out by the NSA, because it would be illegal for GCHQ to do it without a court warrant. Once again, just because it becomes technical possible to do something, doesn’t mean you actually have to go ahead and do it. (but they always do!)

One point not mentioned much in last weeks news coverage is that these data warehouses are paid for with our tax dollars/pounds. Personally, I’d like to see a few more teachers & nurses employed by the state, with my tax contributions. In the same week the UK government are talking about reducing the number of school classroom assistants.

If you want to mark yourself out as unusual by moving your data out of the cloud, then the is worth a look.

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UK 4G Wireless Spectrum Auction is over – raised less than expected

UK 4G Wireless Spectrum Auction is over. Raised less money than expected.

Some interesting analysis of the auction results:

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How to refurbish an old worn out Acard DVD x9 to 1 Duplicator

My Acard x9 to 1 standalone DVD duplicator had started turning too many blank CD-Rs into coasters.

By a process of elimination, I figured out the oldest & most used units at the top of the duplicator were behaving the worst. The original drive in position 9 still burned a CD okay. The original drives in my duplicator are the Sony Optiarc IDE units, which you’ll only ever read good things about online.

The drives in this unit are IDE. I know it’s best to replace all 9 writing drives with the same model, but a quick look on made it obvious that you can’t buy cheap PATA IDE DVD writers any more, everything is now SATA based.

There’s no point buying used DVD drives to go in a DVD duplicator, so I was thinking I might have to buy a new unit. I’d already had great value for money from this Acard unit.

I could see on eBay you could buy a new 9 to 1 Acard unit with SATA drives inside for £350. But I’d always prefer to fix what I already have.

I purchased a £13 SATA DVD writer from eBuyer & a £3.50 Sata to IDE converter from eBay, and they seemed to work okay when I swopped out the first failing IDE DVD drive. So I bit the bullet and ordered another 10 units of each (so I’d have some spares).

I attached the IDE to SATA adapters to the SATA DVD drives using a hot glue gun, 5 blobs on each, so they wouldn’t work loose or short-out on the back of the DVD drives.

When I put everything back together the drives all appeared to burn perfect CDs from my master discs. I burned several hundred CDs, just to be sure.

I’ve still got two spare DVD writers , in case either the DVD drives or controller board fail. I’ve also saved almost £200 on the cost of a new DVD duplicator.


I used these Samsung SH-222BB SATA DVD writer drives from Ebuyer at £12.99 each and these SATA to IDE adapters at £3.50 each. from eBay.

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Sign petition to stop compulsory wireless smart meters in homes

Fibre optic network for Smart Meters

Responsible department: Department for Energy and Climate Change

To protect the long term health and security of UK citizens, and particularly the health of our children, we the undersigned demand the Government adopt a wired fibre-optic network for Smart Meters. Consumers should have the option of wired Home Area Networks at no additional cost. Provision must also be made for people with Electro-Sensitivity to keep their analog meters and be supplied with shielding materials where necessary.

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Predator and Reaper UAV Drones hit by Virus

Want to know how World War III really starts?

The control centre for the remote UAV drones (that’s unmanned American surveillance planes that fly by remote control) has been hit by a virus!

Although not connected to the internet, someone has stuck a USB pen drive infected with a virus into one of the PCs that run the remote control system for the Predator planes. Seemingly they run Windows XP – see photo. (this really happened in the last month).

photo of UAV control room

Hypothetically speaking of course, if these PCs were connected to the internet, they might now be under the control of a bot-master, for sale to the highest bidder on the internet crime forums. Got a dispute with a business associate? Don’t send round a bruiser with a baseball bat, instead bomb the f**k out of them!

Okay, it didn’t happen yet, but it might quite soon. Imagine, in the very near future, when China own all the infrastructure and buildings within the EU (because of our own financial stupidity) – World War III could be easily sparked by UAV drones under the control (seemingly) of some 3rd party hacker bombing Beijing. What a great get-out clause for the real culprits… and a release from all our financial obligations. (great James Bond movie plot, if nothing else)

These drones are obviously able to act autonomously when not in radio communication with HQ (think about your own smartphone that already has GPS, a gyroscope & inertia sensor), but they still depend on radio signals to operate remotely. Imagine someone in a cheap plane with an array of radio jammers… What is the UAV to do next?

These UAV’s are just turning war into a video game for the remote operators – would you want one of your children running this remote control killing room? If you’re brought up killing people successfully on-screen in video games, then it’s a very small leap to doing it for pay from the US military in some remote server room (Remember, champions of justice, your opponents have families & children, who also dream of a better world).

Follow the Drunken UAV on Twitter.

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Can Mobile Phones Really Rot Your Bones?

According to they can:

Newly-published research suggests that mobile phones can reduce the mineral content of the bones they hang out around.

Researchers at the the National University of Cuyo, in Mendoza, Argentina, looked at that strange breed – men who wear mobile phones on their hip. They discovered evidence to suggest that the proximity of the mobile phone caused a reduction in bone mineral content (BMC) and bone mineral density (BMD) in the men who wore the phones over a 12-month period, compared to a control group that didn’t.

According to an abstract from the study to be published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, wearers of a mobile phone had “significantly lower right BMD at the trochanter and significantly lower right BMC at both trochanter and total hip”.

None of these differences were found in non users, the study notes.

Non users had a higher BMC at the right femoral neck (at the top of the thigh). The right-left difference in femoral neck BMD of non users was marginally non-significant. In users, there was no femoral neck right-left difference of BMC at the femoral neck. Right-left asymmetries in femoral neck BMC were significantly different between both groups, the study notes.

Study leader Dr Fernando D Sravi writes: “The different patterns of right-left asymmetry in femoral bone mineral found in mobile cell phone users and non users are consistent with a non-thermal effect of electromagnetic radio-frequency waves not previously described.”

The study measured BMC and BMD in the left and right hips of two groups of healthy men – 24 who did not use cell phones and 24 who carried their cell phone on their right hip, for at least 12 months.

According to the researchers, few studies have looked at whether electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones could affect bone mineralisation. They suggest that with rapid uptake of mobile phones, any significant effect on BMD could have a substantial effect on the osteoporosis rate in the population.

Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disease characterised by low bone mass and microarchitectural deterioration that leads to increased bone fragility and increased risk of fracture .

Dr Sravi says more research is needed to follow up his study, particularly in women, who  generally have higher rates of osteoporosis, and children, who may have a long life of mobile phone use ahead of them.

Sravi writes that, while the actual energy emission by modern mobile cell phones is well below the limits set by current standards, precluding significant thermal effects, a growing body of evidence suggests that non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range of mobile cell phones may cause non-thermal biologic effects. Many of these non-thermal biologic effects “might be relevant for human health,” the study notes.

Read more:

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Car Thieves Start Using Radio Jammers

A report in this week’s The Sunday Times warns that lots of car thieves are now using radio jammers to stop your car’s remote door-locking keyfob doing its job properly.

Radio jammers for all bands are available direct from China these days. The best sites accept Paypal and ship quickly to UK addresses, describing the consignments as test equipment, or something equally inconspicuous.

You can buy jammers for GPS, GSM, 3G, 433MHz. Anything you can think of, they’ll make – in a selection of power outputs and prices. You could take down GPS or Mobile phones on a city-wide basis if you were daft enough, but you’d be pretty easy to find (you’d be glowing!) and would spend a long time in jail!

Most car keyfobs operate in the unlicensed 433MHz band. If you don’t actually watch your lights flash and you doors lock you may be coming back to an empty car.

Police around the country have noticed a rise in this type of crime around big cities – often dozens of cars in one street will have been done-over without a single window being smashed.

According to The Sunday Times, all the car thieves need do is leave a suitable jammer hidden in a prime spot with a decent extra battery pack attached, it could then run for hours, or they can just trigger the jammer when you go for your keyfob – if they started using decent antennas they could be watching through binoculars.

Imagine the haul of satnavs, iPods, laptops and phones from that lot!

Worryingly, a lot of the wireless burglar alarms in peoples homes use the same frequency bands to receive signals from PIRs dotted around the home…

Another great reason to remove all the electrosmog generating devices from your home & go back to being Wired. If you didn’t realise yet, we love being Wired…

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