Car Thieves Start Using Radio Jammers

A report in this week’s The Sunday Times warns that lots of car thieves are now using radio jammers to stop your car’s remote door-locking keyfob doing its job properly.

Radio jammers for all bands are available direct from China these days. The best sites accept Paypal and ship quickly to UK addresses, describing the consignments as test equipment, or something equally inconspicuous.

You can buy jammers for GPS, GSM, 3G, 433MHz. Anything you can think of, they’ll make – in a selection of power outputs and prices. You could take down GPS or Mobile phones on a city-wide basis if you were daft enough, but you’d be pretty easy to find (you’d be glowing!) and would spend a long time in jail!

Most car keyfobs operate in the unlicensed 433MHz band. If you don’t actually watch your lights flash and you doors lock you may be coming back to an empty car.

Police around the country have noticed a rise in this type of crime around big cities – often dozens of cars in one street will have been done-over without a single window being smashed.

According to The Sunday Times, all the car thieves need do is leave a suitable jammer hidden in a prime spot with a decent extra battery pack attached, it could then run for hours, or they can just trigger the jammer when you go for your keyfob – if they started using decent antennas they could be watching through binoculars.

Imagine the haul of satnavs, iPods, laptops and phones from that lot!

Worryingly, a lot of the wireless burglar alarms in peoples homes use the same frequency bands to receive signals from PIRs dotted around the home…

Another great reason to remove all the electrosmog generating devices from your home & go back to being Wired. If you didn’t realise yet, we love being Wired…

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