Interesting Links

Microwave News – regularly updated US-centric with lots of great information. Essential reading.

Powerwatch – UK site with regular three month round-ups of all the latest research. Essential reading.

Mast Sanity – another UK site with lots of up to date information.

Tetrawatch – doesn’t seem to have been updated for a while. Still lots of useful information.

Harald Welte’s blog – loads of GSM radio info.

Dieter Spaar’s blog – more GSM stuff.

OsmocomBB – open source GSM stack running on a £10 Motorola C115 phone.

OpenBTS – open source GSM basestation for USRP radio peripheral.

Airprobe – also for USRP. Also has a link to turn a Nokia 3310 into a control channel sniffer.

Dedected – turn a £30 Com-On-Air Dect PCMCIA laptop card into a Dect phone sniffer using Chaox Live-CD.

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