Ubertooth Bluetooth Sniffer

Ubertooth – Bluetooth sniffing for under £100.

A Youtube presentation by the developer, Michael Ossmann.

Until now, sniffing and injecting packets into Bluetooth communication hasn’t been possible for the man in the street. Commercial Bluetooth packet sniffers cost $10,000 and were typically only bought by large companies for troubleshooting their own products. The firmware in a standard Bluetooth dongle doesn’t allow you to grab hold of the radio, in the way you can with a WiFi card.

The Ubertooth USB dongle will change this for under £100.

The Ubertooth device grabs a chunk of 2.4GHz spectrum and your PC processes it. Makes passive detection of Bluetooth devices possible without shelling out £1000 for a USRP. It will be possible to predict Bluetooth hopping pattern. It will also be possible to do man-in-the-middle attacks using two Ubertooths. The hardware is capable of both these things, but the software hasn’t been written yet. Be patient.

UK Buyers can pre-order from RFIDIOt.org.
US buyers can pre-order from HakShop

Ubertooth running a 2.4GHz Spectrum Analyser.

I just tested my own Ubertooth on Friday night. I’m running a standard PC with Ubuntu 10.10 installed. If you follow the guide by HarvestGardener (link below) you’ll have your Ubertooth tested in around 15 minutes:


There is one typo in the guide mentioned above, line that reads:
tar xvf libbtb.0.5.tgz
should actually read:
tar xvf libbtbb.0.5.tgz

Useful links:

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