Bluetooth Tracking – Part 2

We’ve now ceased our Bluetooth tracking experiments. In just under two years we spotted over 3 million devices (not unique) using a busy A-Road near our old premises.

The scripts we used are in the attached Zip file. They all run under Ubuntu Linux. You may look at them and think you can do the same program in less lines, you probably can. This is the first time I’ve programmed anything in nearly 20 years…

To run them under Ubuntu, you need to unpack them in your Home folder. Chmod them to make them executeable (Google it). Basically open a Terminal, type ‘sudo su‘ at the $ prompt and enter your password to become root, then type ‘chmod +x‘ at the # prompt. Then run the file by typing ‘./‘ (you don’t type the ‘quotes’)

Download our scripts here. Some scripts are complete, some aren’t. They’re free for you to play with, but I don’t have time to offer you support, sorry. – scans for bluetooth devices, every 10.5 seconds, in a fixed loop – starts a new file at midnight. Each file has unique day,month,year in filename. Detects up to 10 devices per scan, or 3400 per hour if you prefer. – this file takes each separate file from and concatenates them into one big file called allbtnames.txt. You can then search this file using other scripts supplied.

bt17oui.txt – complete list of manufacturers in CSV format, use with to lookup a manufacturer from their 00:11:22 prefix. – searches though bt17oui.txt to find a manufacturer from the first three pairs of the Bluetooth OUI. – searches through allbtnames.txt for a specific string. To find all TomToms search for 00:13:6C – takes .txt output files from Network Chemistry’s BlueScanner (for Windows) and dumps out the interesting stuff in the same format as our btlogger script. Takes ages to run through a bunch of files, but it does work. – this one extracts the OUI number and Device name from the top portion of a Network Chemistry Bluescanner datafile. Good for matching up unknown devices to OUIs.

As promised, here’s a zip file containing our Bluetooth tracking script that’s GPS enabled, complete with instructions –

These scripts are (c) 2009. Free for you to play with, but please don’t think of reselling them.

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