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The Wright Stuff with Matthew Wright & Janey Lee Grace (from Steve Wright’s Radio Two afternoon show). The Electrosmog Detector in action on TV!

It’s great that Janey gives the Electrosmog Detector an outing on national TV, sadly she goes on to show her ignorance of the subject by advocating the use of two mini-foil pads for your mobile, that apparently reduce the radiation! Just like crystals: they don’t – they only do if you think they do, in which case it’s only in your imagination anyway.

If you’re really electrosensitive you need to turn off your home WiFi router & Dect phone first! Dect cordless home base stations transmit constantly whereas your mobile phone’s only transmitting when you are actually speaking on it – and using the speakerphone function and keeping it two feet from your head reduces the danger much more than two foil pads!

Not trying those pads out on the mobile is just shoddy journalism, considering they had the Electrosmog detector there to prove or disprove the makers claims!

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