The Sony Playstation PS3 & Wireless Controllers

I recently bought a Sony PS3 for my son & I to use. I’m grateful to note that if you use wired USB controllers & a wired Ethernet connection it’s an Electrosmog free experience.

I ordered up a 2nd  DUALSHOCK WIRELESS controller (which I use wired) and was puzzled by the document that comes with it. It states that the use of WLAN is governed in Italy & Norway. Wow, I think, this IS progress!

I didn’t investigate the Italy story yet, but the Norway angle is fascinating. The instructions state that the PS3 game controller is not to be used within a 20km area around the centre of Ny-Alesund, Svalbard. What possible harm can a controller with a range of maybe 3 metres do 20km away ?

I briefly imagined that this must be some kind of forward thinking eco-town. But it isn’t, it’s a research station of some kind. You can read more about it via WikiPedia

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