DECT Hacked – Eavesdropping Now Possible!

Looking through the Security News on TheRegister.co.uk this evening I was surprised to see a report that DECT has now been hacked.

If you didn’t know already, DECT is the technology used by the current generation of cordless home phones & baby monitors. So now, not only is it probably bad for you, it’s also insecure!

The researchers reverse-engineered a standard Com-On-Air PCMCIA DECT card – which is normally used in a Windows laptop to bridge/ link DECT phones to Asterisk VOIP/SIP networks – and demonstrated their Linux-based sniffer at 25C3 hackers congress.

The PCMCIA Class II card costs just €40 from www.arc-computer.de (in Germany, you can buy one via their eBay shop). You will need a PC running Linux to do anything useful with it, and really it’s just a proof-of-concept tool right now. But watch this space.

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