Remote Meter Reader Using 3G Modems

Britain’s six largest power companies are to create a new body to facilitate the installation of 26 million new electricity meters & 20 million new gas meters. Starting at the end of 2010.

These new meters will presumably have built-in 3G wireless Modems which will allow for closer monitoring of our electricity usage. Thousands of meter reading jobs will be lost.
Benefits could be numerous too. Discounts will be given to people running washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers during the night. It should be pretty easy to have a web page showing your energy consumption – which would be interesting! It’s also hoped that it would encourage people to go for Solar Panels, Wind Turbines & Domestic CHP Boilers.

Downsides: They reckon the scheme will cost £10 Billion to implement, and £100 million a year to run. And guess who’ll be paying…

If the scheme can smooth out the electricity generation curve it will be worthwhile, and it’s no doubt the future of grid-based supply. It would however be nice to think that most of us will be selling our surplus electricity back to the grid by the time this project is finished, from solar panels on our rooftops.

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