Sony Playstation 3 Gets An Upgrade…

So Sony have now launched an update to version 3 of their PS3 operating system.

The ‘killer-application’ for me is a simple link to BBC’s iPlayer application. You’ll need to register a free account with Sony HQ and then the magic TV option appears in the main menus. Following the link takes you directly to a chunky web-appliance version of iPlayer. Now you can catch up on all those missed programmes directly on your flat screen HDMI attached telly. Wonderful.

Of course this site is, so we feel duty bound to point out all the extra electrosmog you’ll be exposing yourself to if your PS3 is attached to the network via WiFi and you’re watching hours of telly over it. Much better, more secure & faster to use the Homeplugs instead – a pair of devices that send Ethernet over you household mains supply cabling.

With the PS3 Slim also being launched now, Sony really has the opportunity to become the essential home media hub, even for non-gamers. My PS3 even has Ubuntu loaded on it, but I believe the new slim version doesn’t allow you to load a 2nd operating system (I’m sure a hack for that will appear soon).

So, if you want your PS3 experience to be electrosmog-free, you’ll need to use Homeplugs instead of WiFi, and use USB cables to attach the controllers to the PS3 (which stops them using Bluetooth).

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