Jailbreak an iPhone 3G with 3.1 and 05.11.07

I recycle ipods and recently an insurance company sent me an iPhone 3G with a smashed screen – in amongst several ipod touchs. I’ve wanted one for ages, but couldn’t bear to pay the true cost. This one has come to me for peanuts, plus the cost of a £20 screen from eBay.

When I first looked into Jailbreaking it, it still had the older firmware and baseband, which I could have upgraded. Foolishly, I let it connect to iTunes and upadate to the latest versions. It still worked with an O2 Sim, but I really wanted to get it unlocked for any carrier. I had to wait patiently for six weeks for the latest hack to arrive.

Now it has , and it’s free from (that’s a ‘1 one’ not an ‘I eye’). Download and donate a small sum if you’re truly grateful. My unit that was locked firmly to O2 is now working fine with my ‘3’ Sim. Super!

Don’t get ripped off paying for this hack from other sites that advertise on Google Adwords.

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