Google Nexus One Software Update Goes Well For Me

I read on the internet that Google would be releasing a software update for the Nexus One. Sure enough when I checked my phone this morning the update was available. All applied without any problems.

I now have working voice-2-text, iPhone-style browser pinch controls, and no more wandering off 3’s 3G service onto Orange’s 2G GSM network. Hurrah!

Photo of Tim's N1 Nexus One Smartphone - and a plug for Video-2-PC.co.ukiphone showing the same site
If you’ve ever wondered how the screen resolutions of the Nexus One N1 & the iPhone 3G compare, when viewing the same site, now you can see. I know the iPhone looks a little smaller in the photos, but in reality they’re almost the same size. The screen resolution of the iPhone 3G is 480×320 pixels and the N1 is 800×480.

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