Inconclusive Interphone Study Results Announced

The biggest study ever into whether cellphones give you brain tumours has finally published something. After 10 years and $25 million plus US dollars it’s a …. maybe.

Some interpretations of the data look like cellphones absolutely protect against cancer, some show a small increased risk.

A lot of in-fighting has gone on within the group of scientists drawing the conclusions. Originally the Interphone study was going to be more wide ranging, and research was carried out into areas other than just increased risk of  glioma & meningioma. So Interphone actually has much more information in its’ vaults than has been released now. It will just take some scientists to agree what it all says and then that could be published too.

Here’s our interpretation: if you talk on a mobile or Dect phone for more than an hour every day you may well increase you risk of something (poor sleep perhaps)… If you don’t then you are abiding by the precautionary principle advocated by The Stewart Report of 2000.

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