The easy way to kill electrosmog at bedtime

If you want a really good nights sleep, it might be worth trying unplugging your WiFi router & Dect phone from the power at bedtime. They both transmit constantly, and if they’re near where you sleep they might be the cause of your poor sleep.

Now it’s a great big hassle to remember to unplug each of these from the mains each night, especially if they’re in different rooms in your house. So a neat way to turn them both off remotely is to buy a pair of Remote Control Sockets from somewhere like CPC for £3.95+vat+p&p (order code PL1115610 at cpc.co.uk). You can also find them on eBay for around £10 for a pack of 3.

If you have trouble peeling your kids away from the TV at mealtimes this could be the answer for you too. Food on table, TV mysteriously dies…

Also, don’t leave your mobile turned on overnight, sitting on the bedside cabinet next to your head – modern 3G phones, like the iPhone & Android models, are constantly transferring data with Facebook & Google Mail (assuming you use them) while you sleep. Olders GSM models like the Nokia 3310 transmit for maybe 10 seconds every 20 minutes while you sleep, so the mast can keep track of them.

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