Interesting stuff about Sky and NDS and hacked ONDigital viewing cards

Interesting stuff on the Guardian website today about ONDigital.

Once upon a time there were two pay TV systems in the UK, Sky & ONDigital. Sky worked through a dish and ONDigital through your TV aerial.
One day pirate viewing cards for ONDigital appeared, long after Sky had eradicated hacking of their own cards with the launch of the series 10 card from NDS.

ONDigital couldn’t build a real service if they couldn’t raise subscriptions, and they couldn’t raise any money when everyone in the UK was watching all their pay content for free.

Rumblings on the web today alleged that NDS (Israeli company who provide card technology to Sky) may have paid hackers to research the vulnerability of the systems used by ONDigital, and that the research may have found its way outside NDS, again allegedly.

Read the full story from The Guardian here and here.

Watch the BBC Panorama documentary here

Read all about NDS here

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